Leading up to my “abduction” 79 was pretty determined to tell me all about his scene. Well, I had heard about his first, and I was sold by then. I wanted to know only one thing, and that was I could trust Fossil9 and Toil. The rest, I wanted to be completely new to me. So I avoided the spoilers, and entered into the scene knowing very little what would go on, and how long it would last. I had cleared the entire day for this opportunity.

I have been getting more and more dominant, and at the time, I could self ascribe to being 70pct Dom. From the moment I was cuffed in the hallway, I was thrown into a submissive head-space. I felt the mixed feeling of wanting to impress the pair, and the conflict of wanting to test them by putting up a good fight.

But enough of those thoughts, the moment we walked outside, I realized that I was being guided willingly by two guys in uniform at each side. I had my hands behind my back, following instruction, and we walked all the way out to their SUV. As I got different looks from people in coffee shops and passers-by, I was scared out of my wits of being recognized by a co worker also in Chicago for some reason. So I kept my head down, and avoided anything that would attract attention.

We took the trip, and in a while we arrived at a non-descript house that blends in, when you consider what goes on inside. I only had the pair of shoes I wore in my possession. I was without my wallet, phone, and I didn’t pay enough attention to discern the address of where I was. The only option it seemed I had, was to make things easy, and comply.

When Fossil9 started teasing, “and I had expected some sort of struggle”. I flicked into my dom mode, and despite the rigid irons and the hood, I had to get out. I pawed at where I would expect the zipper behind my head to be. I flipped twisted and struggled, but I was in deep.

Overall, it was a very hot scene. I only wish it had lasted beyond my climax.


For my perspective on the scene click here.

139 In His Own Words – Our First Session

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