2 Subs in a Predicament

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I have been toying with ideas on using one of my cages a little differently lately.  There is a specific single sub position that has been on my mind a lot lately and it still needs a bit of refinement.  While working out that position in my head I got the idea to take a few elements of it and add them to a position I have used since 2005 (see this post).  The product of this is the position shown below with 157 & 211.

157 is in the cage with his neck locked though the side of the cage so his head is on the outside.  211 is on top of the cage in the heavy collar and wrist cuffs.  I put a parachute on 211’s balls and a locking ball stretcher on 157’s balls; then I locked their balls together.  I put nipple clamps on 211 and tied a string to the clamps and put it in 157’s mouth so he could pull on them.  I enjoy having subs set up like this and having them put themselves (and the other sub) through some pain.  It is a great way to see who will follow orders and who needs a little encouragement.

At this point in the scene, with these subs, it was not time to get intense which is why the chain had some slack.  In the right scene the chain between the two subs’ balls will be shorter and there will be a few other elements added to keep the boys focused.

157 & 211 - 10.19.2012 - 094 - Pixel
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