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A Picture From 2005 (31)

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This picture features a position I still enjoy using today.  31’s collar is locked to the base of the cage, his hands are locked behind him, and his balls are tied to the top of the cage.  I left his legs free so he could support himself but if he tried to put his feet on the floor of the cage his balls would be stretched significantly.  I chose to use pegboard on the base of the cage because it is uncomfortable when a sub has his weight concentrated on it; such as on 31’s upper back in this picture.  It was fun to watch him move around trying to get comfortable

I need to get this cage set up again sometime soon…


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Over the past few years I have frequently been asked about numbering subs.  Since 2007 I have assigned a unique number to each sub that has visited me.  The reason I started doing this was to dehumanize the sub.  Instead of having a name, the sub simply became a number that was written on his chest or neck.  It is a simple concept and yet it can really add to the headspace of those involved in a scene.

I have explicit specifications about how I number subs.  I never allow a sub to chose his number and he does not know his number until his first visit.  I am not using consecutive numbers and all the rest is right in front of you.  It has surprised me that some subs get very excited at the prospect of becoming a number.  I have even caught a few explicitly trying to look down to figure out what their number at the start of their first scene.

Often in life it is funny how little things work out – in 2009 I was sitting at a cafe having lunch with a kinky friend in San Francisco.  As we were eating I mused that I may stop numbering subs.   He suddenly had a look on his face as though I had just kicked his dog.  He pointed out that this had become a bit of a “trademark” of mine and he felt strongly that I should continue.  I really credit him with convincing me to continue numbering

Slave 53 - November 2010 - 185 Slave 53 - November 2010 - 209 Slave 53 - November 2010 - 201

These photos of Kinkyboinick  are a few of my favorite.  In the top photo he fell asleep on a sunny Saturday afternoon while chained up and muzzled outside one of my cages.