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Starting in the Car

Fossil9 —  May 17, 2012 — Leave a comment
On occasion I pick up a sub from a predetermined point either due to transportation needs or just to start the fun outside of the playroom.  In the pictures below I am bringing back various subs for a play session.  When bringing subs back I like to have them handcuffed and blindfolded for the duration of the car ride.  This way the sub never really knows where he is or if he is being brought somewhere other than the playroom.
IMG_3425 IMG_3668 IMG_4653 IMG_4659 Pup Condor - 43 - 11.15

I will probably enjoy some more of this during IML as I bring some subs back to the playroom

For My Amusement

Fossil9 —  May 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is a clip of a stress position where 31 was hooded and muzzled inside the cage.  His balls were hooked up to electro and the top of the cage while his hands were cuffed under his body so he could not move much.

Often times a sub explores pup play because he likes to be submissive but does not necessarily identify himself as a “slave”.  These pups often have a playful demeanor and embrace pup play (and the pup headspace) as a form of submission.

I also use pup play for humiliation of a sub.  In this situation I force a sub to act like a pup although  the sub still maintains the headspace of a human submissive.  It can be very degrading to take a sub, put a leather pup hood on him, and treat him like he is an animal.  When I do this I will teach him commands, play fetch, and make him drink from a dog bowl among other things.  When I do this I will punish the sub if he acts in any manner that a K9 would not, which can be frequent for a sub forced into this role.  This also results in a lot of verbal humiliation as I berate the sub for his actions.

In my prior post “Pup Play with 47” I referenced that 47 blends these two roles very well.  When I do pup play with 31 it is used as a form of humiliation.

Some pictures of 31 during pup play are below.  If you look closely you can even see my ErosTek 302 electro box under the singlet on his right leg.  I had the box connected to bands around 31’s balls in case he needed some “encouragement” to act like a pup.

Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 073 Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 063 Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 099 Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 102 Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 058