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Is it more humiliating to have a Dom piss in a sub’s water dish or for the sub to be forced to piss in his own dish?  I am not really sure.  Early on in the session I teased 157 and pissed a little directly into his mouth while he was caged.  Part of the reason I did it was to keep him on his toes but the main reason was that I just wanted to piss in his mouth.

A few hours later in the evening my partner TOIL and I brought 157 out front on our balcony to play.  I filled up 157’s dog bowl with my piss as soon as we were outside.  157 eagerly drank all of my piss and he could have easily taken more.  He drank enough of my piss that it was clear he was more turned on by it than humiliated.  This was fine.  There is still an element of control in what he was doing, even if he was getting direct enjoyment out of it.

I had him fill up his dog bowl with his piss when he had to pee.  I have always been very surprised at how much trouble many subs have peeing in front of others.  From what I understand, there are a number of people that have difficulty peeing.  157 did not have too much trouble getting himself started but it was still very enjoyable making him know he was pissing in his own water bowl.

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Growing with 139

Fossil9 —  June 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

On numerous occasions I have had other Doms that I do not know send me messages asking to participate in scenes with me.  I never have had any interest in doming with anyone besides my partner TOIL so when I received these messages I paid little attention to them.  Additionally, I believe that the majority of the people that send these messages to strangers lack the type of interest that I have in bondage, control, and kink.

On Saturday night of IML 139 (NateQx) wanted to be a tertiary Dom to 79 (FlyboyFL) with me and my partner.  From my conversations with 139, and him wrestling me after subbing for me earlier in the day on Saturday I could tell he shares my level of interest in bondage and control.  He has an understanding and passion for bondage and control that people many years older than him lack.  His knowledge and understanding have continued to impress me in our post-IML conversations.


Looking back, I am surprised that when 139 brought this idea up on Saturday night I had no hesitation with it.  Maybe it was because I knew I would be running the show and I would still be in control of him but I think it had more to do with the level of trust he built with me.   Another benefit is that while our styles of domming are distinct they are generally complementary.

I am happy things worked out the way they did with 139’s role on Saturday night.  I do not anticipate doming with anyone besides my partner or 139 anytime soon but anything can happen in the future.  I would like to thank 139 publicly for the personal growth he helped me through.

If you are a sub looking for more than just getting off while being restrained and will be traveling through Colorado I suggest you get in touch with NateQx to see if your interests are a good match.


For reasons that will become clear later I am going to skip ahead a day and describe portions of the Saturday afternoon my partner TOIL and I shared with 139 (NateQx).  NateQx and I had been chatting for months and I was excited to finally get to play with him.  My partner and I met NateQx the night before and I could tell pretty quickly that he was going to be fun.

We planned on playing Saturday afternoon as all three of us wanted to have a more intense session back in the playroom.  We met up with NateQx and a few others in the market to coordinate times for the day and I was fortunate enough to have complete discretion as to when we would meet up for our afternoon session.  My partner and I were in street clothing during that discussion and when we were done we went to go put on our ACU’s.  Once we were changed we went down to the market and were planning on ‘forcibly’ extracting NateQx from there.  We walked around the market a bit to see if he was still down there but we could not locate him.  I finally texted him to find out his location and found out he was in his room.  We went up there, knocked on the door, and he came out so we started down the hall.  I let him get in front of me so I could grab his arms, push him to the ground, and cuff him.  He put up some resistance but my partner and I were able to subdue him and we placed him in handcuffs before we headed back to our hotel room.

Once back in the hotel room we had him change into a cycling jersey and shorts.  He was then handcuffed again for the walk to the car.  A fun thing about events like IML is that two guys in ACU’s can walk a handcuffed guy in a cycling suit through the hotel and the only reason people stare is because they like it.  We then walked several blocks to the car for the ride back to the playroom.

Once in the playroom my partner marked NateQx‘s neck with the number we selected for him, 139.  The session with 139 was going to be markedly different than those of the previous few evenings.  During the previous evenings the other subs gave themselves over fairly easily, which is very common.  From the start it was clear that 139 was going to submit but he was also interested in testing his boundaries.  While in the kneeling stocks with fist mitts on 139 took his blindfold off.  I played with some nipple clamps on him but my actions with them were pretty tame given that he and I were still feeling each other out.

Sub 139 - 5.26

In another position we had his ankles and wrists in rigid cuffs while he laid on the ground.  I said a few things to antagonize him and he started to fight back.  After twenty or thirty minutes of this we decided it was time to put 139 in the standing cage.  He continued to fight back during the transition but my partner picked 139 up and set him down in the cage; there was little 139 could have done.  He tried to use his wrist restraints to knock his hood off but we quickly secured his hands to the top of the cage giving us full access to his body.

139 shot his load while my partner played with him while he was restrained in the cage.  After the session while we were cleaning up 139 came up behind me and hugged me.  I knew he was doing one of two things.  He was either hugging me because of the good time he had during the session or he wanted to wrestle.  Soon enough he and I were wrestling on the floor. He put up an excellent fight considering the differences in our height and weight.

We headed back to the hotel and later that evening 139 would help me grow as a Dom…