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A Simple Stress Position (67)

Fossil9 —  August 21, 2012 — 4 Comments

A rather straightforward stress position I use involves the pup cage and some heavy metal.  I put the sub on his knees inside the cage with the heavy metal collar (10 pounds) on.  I put the heavy metal wrist shackles (12 pounds) on him and lock on a chain that runs over a bar on the top of the cage.  The other end of that chain is connected to a parachute on his balls.  If he brings his arms down to rest them the chain immediately pulls on the sub’s balls.

67 (Vagabondage: Recon/ Blog ) is in the pictures below


_DSC0099 _DSC0105

Standing Cage

Fossil9 —  August 19, 2012 — 4 Comments

I like to think that I am pretty creative as a Dom.  However, I have not exercised that creativity while using my standing cage…I will need to change that in the near future but in the meantime enjoy:

_DSC0127 IMG_3567

I already touched on controlling a sub outside of the playroom in my post “Location Tracking a Sub“. Several subs have since messaged me telling me how much they enjoy being given constraints or boundaries in how they live their life.

Some subs enjoy being told how to dress, how to groom themselves, what they eat etc.  With the right sub this can be a lot of fun.  Out of this type of control my favorite is probably controlling the sub’s  haircut.  While a haircut is not permanent it will last for a few weeks.  If the new hair cut is significantly different than what the sub typically has his friends, family, and coworkers may ask why he changed.  Every time someone brings up the change the sub is reminded that someone else made that decision for him. 

If I am going to set boundaries for a sub in their day to day life I consider a few things.  The main consideration is the sort of D/s relationship I have with the sub, I do not do this with subs that are new to me.  That being said, the most important consideration is accountability.  If a sub is going to be given orders to follow there needs to be a mechanism for the Dom to ensure accountability.  This generally can be accomplished through the camera in the sub’s smartphone.  I will send a text to the sub and tell him the specific type of picture to send to prove he is currently following orders.  That way I can be sure the sub does not take pictures ahead of time.

Keep your sub accountable