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This is another one of my favorite bondage photos.  47’s wrists are shackled to the top of the cage with his legs out the side of the cage so he was laying down.  His legs were secured outside of the cage and my partner and I went back and forth between edging him and cranking up the electro on him.


These pics are from a session where I had 31 in my heavy shackles.  If you look carefully you will see my remote electro box on his right leg under the compression shorts.  The electro bands were attached to his cock and balls but I let him touch himself

_DSC0100 _DSC0102
_DSC0090 _DSC0114 _DSC0128


Pain is only a passing interest of mine and, in order for me to enjoy it, I need the right chemistry with the sub.  The tougher I consider a sub to be mentally and physically the more I will enjoy seeing them in pain.  31 is a a friend that I sincerely respect both in and out of scene so it may seem counter intuitive that I enjoy seeing him in pain.  He is a very tough and motivated individual though.

The clip of him below is one I have enjoyed many times.  I love seeing him flex and moan in a tough position while a bit of electro is applied to his balls.