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47 Against the cage

Fossil9 —  October 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

In the photos below I had 47 in Under Armour practice pants and socks.  I secured his wrists into simple metal cuffs, put him against the cage, and locked his wrists to a spreader bar that was run through the cage.  Another spreader bar kept his legs apart so I had easy access to his cock.  For his head I chose the heavy collar and gas mask.

This position is actually somewhat comfortable at first since the sub is able to lean against the cage but after a short time it gets to be uncomfortable. The angle of the sub’s arms in this situation put strain on his upper back although there are a few things that I could do to change a sub’s comfort level…In the picture on the bottom you can see he was enjoying the scene.

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 083 Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 085

12 Years

Fossil9 —  October 11, 2012 — 4 Comments

12 Years ago today I met my partner, TOIL.  I was a college freshman at the time and decided to explore online dating.  I chatted with a number of guys for a month or so through the personals website.  Then, one sunny Wednesday, I was bored and done with class so I decided to go to the store where one of the guys I was chatting with worked.  That simple decision led to our first date two days later.  Fast forward seven years later, while on vacation in Rome, I proposed to him and he said ‘yes’.  He inspires me, he makes me laugh, he makes me a better person, and most of all he makes me happy.

It is amazing how seemingly insignificant decisions, like randomly stopping in at his job that day, can have such a profound impact on one’s life.

Don’t forget there is more to life than kink.

Jock Strap & Singlet (43)

Fossil9 —  October 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

There is something I really appreciate about the combination of a singlet and a jock on an attractive sub.  I really like the jock below the singlet as well.  Those with a keen eye know which pics I am referring to…others will see those soon.  Here are the first few to enjoy:

Pup Condor - 095Pup Condor - 093Pup Condor - 088