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One of my favorite South Park episodes is the one titled Tssst because there are a number of parallels in the episode to pup play.  If you are into pup play, as a handler or a pup, I encourage you to take twenty minutes to watch the episode – it is free.

In the episode Cartman is obnoxious, as usual, so his mother brings in a few reality TV nannies to help get him under control.  When this fails she brings in Cesar Millan to help train Cartman.  Millan treats Cartman as a dog throughout the episode.

The way Cartman tests boundaries with Cesar is reminiscent of how pups will see what they can get away with and also how they can get the attention of their handler.  A handler should maintain control in this situation.  Cesar proposes that Cartman’s mom should simply ignore Cartman until he is in a “calm submissive state” and in doing so she shifts control of their dynamic back into her favor.  There are plenty of other parallels to pup play or D/s relationships throughout the episode as well – one of my favorite parts was how Cartman reacted when a nanny tried to put him on the “time out stool”.  Enjoy!

Another Picture from 2005 (31)

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Here 31 is locked in an old double rigid restraint inside our first cage.  He also has a blindfold locked under a leather muzzle.  It has been years since this cage has been set up in our playroom but we still have it.


I am not sure why the walls were bright orange in the playroom back then.  It seemed liked a good idea at the time…


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Check out my friend 113 – His Recon screen name is boundand and his blog at BOUNDAND… Growing in Kink.  If you are a regular reader of either of our blogs you will know he and I enjoy collaborating on various topics.  He has a great perspective on things, especially as a sub, so I encourage you to check out his blog if you have not already done so.  Also, he is really hot restrained:

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