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TOIL was playing around in Aperture and I thought the top picture looked interesting.  No matter, 211 looks sexy as usual.  In the near future there will be a video or two of 211 but in the meantime enjoy these pictures!

- 51
Slave 211 - 4.6.2013 - 08

Over on there is a great pup play article titled “Pup Play: Not a Cookie Cutter Lifestyle” by LthrDogBrue.  He has plenty of experience on this subject and he also produces Woof Camp at IML – a fun and popular event put on by a number of volunteers.  In his well written article he touches on his personal experience, why some people are into pup play, and a number of other aspects of pup play.

On a side note, I will add a blog post about my favorite organized event at IML – Woof Camp 2013 in the coming weeks. 

During one of our kayaking trips in northern Wisconsin TOIL and I had Kinkyboinick during some down time.  It was the first time we played with him and we had a lot of fun.  In addition to our kayaking gear we were able to fit the pup cage and a bunch of bondage gear in our SUV for the trip

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