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Some Updates

Fossil9 —  June 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

As you may be aware, on July 1st Google will start removing Blogger blogs with adult content that contain advertising.  I removed the banner ad that is normally in the upper left-hand corner of my blog and I tweaked/removed a few old posts.

For a few months I have wanted to update the layout and look of my blog.  The current format looks somewhat dated.  Google’s change finally has given me enough motivation to start working on a fresh new site.  I already have purchased the template and I should have the new site ready in the next month or so.  In the meantime, be sure you have bookmarked so you will always go directly to my blog.

If you have any recommendations on things to incorporate into my new site please get in touch with me on Recon, e-mail me at or hit me up on Twitter.

My best,

Below are some sexy pictures from slave 73, check his profile out on Recon.  This is the first time I am posting any pictures of my time with 73.  These photos are from an exciting session we had, enjoy!


Toomanymen - 73 - 10 Toomanymen - 73 - 36 Toomanymen - 73 - 48

At this particular moment, I had just been carried up the stairs and forced into crawl the cage. After a bit of fondling by TOIL, the electro began.

It was moderately intense at best but still exceptionally hot. There I was. Locked in a cage, a foreign object attached to my dick, with no way out.