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The purpose of this blog is, and will remain, for me to share my kinky thoughts and experiences with others.  I enjoy having a dialogue with others on bondage and gear, this blog is one way that I facilitate that.  It is also intended to be a resource for new kinksters because we should all learn from each others’ experiences.  This blog is not about money; it is a hobby of mine.  If I stop enjoying the blog I will simply stop updating it.

Update (July 2013):  When I had my blog on Blogspot I only had to pay for domain fees which were about $15 a year.  Hosting fees are now roughly $8 a month for me which is not a big deal but I considered adding an additional advertiser.  I was not satisfied with how my blog looked including an additional ad so I am holding off on that.  Instead I am going to include the option below for you to donate if you are so inclined.  Any donations will go to paying hosting costs of my new site and in the event there is ever a surplus the money will go towards gear.  If I do not get any money from advertising or donations that’s not a big deal – I will consider the hosting costs to be the cost of having a hobby.


The other way to support is by purchasing from Mr. S Leather through one of the links on my site.

I frequently get questions about where I purchase my gear so I decided in September of 2012 to add advertising to my blog from one specific gear retailer.  If you click through to the retailer and complete a purchase I will be compensated in the form of store credit which I will use to purchase more gear.

In the past 10 years or so my partner and I have spent thousands of dollars at Mr. S Leather and the majority of our gear is from them.  Additionally, we have been to their San Francisco store 5-6 times and we were at their LA Store twice before that closed.  Mr. S is a reputable store with a great staff which is why it made sense to add them as my blog’s sole advertiser.

My commitment to you on advertising is as follows:

  • I will not use misleading links.  Period.
  • I will not put up blog posts that are simply veiled advertisements.
  • I will not clutter my blog with advertisements.
  • This blog will not have an affiliate relationship with pay porn sites.  That is not what this site is about but those here just for the pictures are welcome like everyone else.

Of course, I reserve the right to update this policy at any time.


211 Kneeling in Metal

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Slave 211 - 6.22.13 - 41

I am still putting the finishing touches on my new blog.  Next week is when I will likely switch it over to the new format – I wanted to take the time to make it look good instead of rushing it.  The new blog should be much better than this out-dated format.

New Position with 113

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In an effort to keep learning about bondage and interactions between a Dom and sub I am constantly considering new positions and situations.  A position that has been on my mind for awhile is one that I used with 113 (boundand / blog) during one of our sessions over IML this year.

I had him put his head outside the side of the cage.  His legs were extended out the opposite side of the cage over the horizontal bar.  Two bamboo canes were placed under his back, also over the horizontal bars of the cage.  These canes allowed a little support of his weight but they were not nearly strong enough to fully support his body weight.  You can see the bend of his weight on the cane in the bottom picture below.  Most of his weight was concentrated on the back of his legs, his neck, and his elbows.  This set up forced him to have his crotch protruding towards the top of the cage.  A parachute was attached from his balls to the top of the cage to encouraged him to keep his crotch in the air.

The points on his body where his weight was concentrated likely had 113’s immediate focus along with ensuring he did not break the bamboo canes.  Breaking the canes certainly would have put immediate and intense stress on his balls.  I figured he had a lot on his mind and since I had to pee he probably would prefer I stay there with him instead of going to the bathroom.  It was at that point I ordered 113 to open his mouth so, as he put it, I could give him his first “taste” of watersports.  He swallowed it all.

Slaves 113 - 39
Slaves 113 - 42 copy Slaves 113 - 38