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Hi Guys!

I am going to have a new piece of bondage equipment made and I would like your help designing it.  What I have in mind is similar to what my partner and I built about 10 years ago (pictured below)


I want your thoughts and ideas on any ways to modify this setup to make it more fun.  In general, the point is that the sub’s balls will be attached to the seat via a parachute and chain – a dildo will be attached to the seat (in place of the plug in the picture) so he has to support himself with his legs or the dildo will go all the way inside him.  My intent is that the dildo be a bit bigger than the sub would normally take so he has incentive to keep himself up.  The parachute prevents the sub from simply standing up and getting off the plug.

I know there are a lot of guys out there that will think of some kinky adjustments to this setup – please share your ideas with me!  You can add comments or e-mail me at: BOUNDbyFossil9 @

211 Caged

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Slave 211 - 6.22.13 - 02 Slave 211 - 6.22.13 - 08

From Boots to Feet

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Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 151b Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 153b