My first butterfly moment came four years ago. Sirs drove about 70 miles or so to pick me up at school.  I was walking down a busy street on a Friday night and met them at a pre-determined intersection. I stoically entered the back seat of their SUV and was immediate given a hood to put on a told to put my hands forth for cuffing.  I complied.  I spent the next 70 miles face down in Fossil9’s crotch. Legs spread; being felt all over by Fossil9 and occasionally by Toil as he would turn and fondle my manhood at stop lights.  My first butterfly moment lasted 70 miles, a trip I’ll never forget.
Happy Holidays to you and those close to you.
–slave 47

47 In His Own Words – His First “Butterfly Moment”

Puppy Gear

2 responses to 47 In His Own Words – His First “Butterfly Moment”

  1. WOW!! I’ve never read anything like this before. It was quite exciting. Thanks for sharing. Woof Woof!!

  2. Yes thank you for sharing.

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