Another Favorite – 47 In a Cage with Electro

Fossil9 —  September 16, 2012 — 1 Comment

This is another one of my favorite bondage photos.  47’s wrists are shackled to the top of the cage with his legs out the side of the cage so he was laying down.  His legs were secured outside of the cage and my partner and I went back and forth between edging him and cranking up the electro on him.


Puppy Gear

One response to Another Favorite – 47 In a Cage with Electro

  1. I love cages! Woof Woof!! I love that the slave is exposed and unable to bring his hands down for cover or protection. I also love he has a metal chain collar locked on. And that his scene is between pleasure and pain. Woof Woof!!

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