Breaking Roles

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Breaking roles is normally something that I dislike in a scene unless it is absolutely necessary.  In most cases a sub or pup can communicate any need they have in a scene while maintaining their role.  I have run into a couple situations where a sub or pup breaks a scene.  In one of the situations the sub needed to use the restroom but that can be addressed easily within a scene, even for those not into watersports.

The most recent situation involved my partner, a new pup, and me.  The pup was restrained while my partner was playing with him.  The expressions on the pup’s face showed he clearly was feeling something.  Since this pup was new to me at the time it was difficult to determine if he was feeling pain or feeling ecstasy.  It was near the start of the scene so I told him “If this feels good bark once.  Bark twice if this hurts.”

His response was “Yes SIR!”.

The three of us immediately broke out laughing at his response.  He was not intentionally being a smartass and he was lucky that he was able to get away with that response given his role.  All three of us happened to be in a rather playful mood at the time so it fit the moment.  Depending upon the situation a response like that could get a pup or sub in serious trouble with me.  What matters most in this situation is that we all were having fun

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