Drinking From a Dog Bowl (31 & 191)

Fossil9 —  August 6, 2012 — 3 Comments

In a couple previous posts I have touched on having a sub drink from a dog bowl.  My post Humiliation – Pissing in his Water Bowl I wrote about a slightly different take on this subject.  For some pups drinking from a dog bowl is not humiliating at all, it is simply what they do.  For most subs, and some pups, drinking from a dog bowl is humiliating since it breaks the ‘norm’.  Either way it really turns me on when a sub embraces his role.

Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 19 Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 20 Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 21


Normally when I have a sub drink from a bowl he will be collared.  The metal sound from the collar hitting the bowl is another dimension that adds to a scene.  The three pics to the left here show 191 drinking Jameson and cranberry juice.

To the right 31 is drinking my piss from a dog bowl.  He really gets into the humiliation aspects of piss, as described in my previous post.


Slave 31 032 Slave 31 031
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3 responses to Drinking From a Dog Bowl (31 & 191)

  1. Great stuff! When I’m out shopping and see dog bowls for sale, it very much excites me ;). Woof!!

  2. For me drinking and eating from a bowl is kind of ‘sweet’ humiliation, if it is something which can be described like this (for example, sometimes when I am horny I use my dog bowl instead of normal plate). The sight of a pup drinking from a bowl is very cute and sweet (and I hope it is the same when I do it…lol) but it is also humiliating even if a pup likes it.
    Now drink your Dom’s piss from a dog bowl is (in my opinion) even more intense than drink his piss from the ‘tap’ for various reasons and one of them is the effort you must put in order to accomplished such task 😉

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