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Duration games have many similarities to stress positions and, to many people, they are the same thing.  The main difference to me between a stress positions and a duration game is that I consider a stress position to be focused upon physical stress for a period of time (usually less than an hour).  In duration games physical stress may be part of the “game” or challenge for the sub but there is also a psychological aspect to it.  Duration games may start off (and even remain) in a physically comfortable manner for the sub with the Dom’s focus upon getting inside the sub’s head.  The Dom has the ability to control absolutely everything in the sub’s environment leading up to and during the game which can help him more easily accomplish this.

Duration games can last an indefinite period of time but generally the ones I arrange will come to an end during a scene or shortly their after.  While consequences are not required they are always fun to have out there to help motivate the sub to complete the challenge.

Illustrative Example #1:

Restrain your sub on a flat surface, like a bed, so he is unable to sit up or otherwise move.  Restrict his vision and put headphones or earbuds on him making sure he will not be able to get the headphones off.  Play a continuous loop of brown noise, white noise, or any other similar noise.  I like to vary the length of the different noises just so the sub cannot use the changes in the type of sound to estimate the amount of time he has been in the position.  You can also hook the sub up to electro on your favorite setting…maybe something that repeatedly builds up to a crescendo.  Generally I like to leave the sub untouched while like this but every once in awhile you may want to give a nice tug to his nipple or swat to his stomach so you know he is not asleep.  Obviously you should always be close enough that you could hear the sub’s safeword if he needed to be released.

Illustrative Example #2:

Long-term enforced chastity can be a duration game too.  The sub “endures” being in chastity for the duration of time dictated by the Dom.  Usually there are consequences for taking the chastity device off or the sub otherwise figuring out a way to get himself off.

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  1. Long term chastity is heaven. Bring it on.

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