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Fossil9 —  August 2, 2012 — 2 Comments

A Dom can have a lot of fun with a sub outside the playroom.  One of the things I have been exploring lately is using a smartphone app to keep track of a sub’s movements and, ultimately, to set boundaries upon their movements.  Obviously, this should only be done on a consensual basis with any sub.

In the non-kinky world there are a number of practical applications for location tracking and sharing that parallel uses for a Dom and sub.  Apps like these are generally created to track children, friends, or employees.  Some of the most basic apps will simply share current location information.  Others get more complex and will also show how fast a person is moving and/or keep historical information about a person’s movements.  We can thank intrusive parents and bosses for creating apps like these for us to have fun with.  One app even has a parental control so the “adult” can prevent the child from disabling the app although I only recommend using that feature with a Dom you trust.

After the Dom and sub agree to give this a try they need to select and install the same app on their phones.  Then they have to agree to share their information with each other…although the Dom does not need to share his location with the sub.  Depending upon what the Dom and sub want to get out of this the possibilities are endless.  A Dom could use it to simply track a sub for a few hours prior to a session or to send him on a mission to go to various checkpoints.  An app like this could also be used to ensure that a sub is taking his daily run (or, for the pups, a walk).  Creating a geofence would also be an option so you can keep the sub in a predetermined space without any physical restraint or make for a good kidnapping scene…you get the idea.

Of course, a number of subs will want to literally test their boundaries so it is necessary for the Dom to keep a close eye on the sub and enforce punishment as appropriate.

There are number of smartphone apps available that help facilitate this tracking although I have not tested enough of them to have a solid recommendation on a good app to use.  If you have any recommendations on a good app mention it in the comments below.

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2 responses to Location Tracking a sub

  1. Footprints is the app my Master uses to track me. We have tried both the Apple “find my friends” app and “google latitude” but both can be “deceived/cheated”. Footprints has protections against cheating and removing the app. The only problems are battery life with gps on my iPhone only gets about 75% of the time it does with out and the cost its not free but at 2.99 a year its cheaper than others. Oh and thanks for the blog it’s awesome it’s on my list of must reads.

  2. I’ve used Glympse before to check into a gym so that a Dom knew I was getting there every day.

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