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Over the past few years I have frequently been asked about numbering subs.  Since 2007 I have assigned a unique number to each sub that has visited me.  The reason I started doing this was to dehumanize the sub.  Instead of having a name, the sub simply became a number that was written on his chest or neck.  It is a simple concept and yet it can really add to the headspace of those involved in a scene.

I have explicit specifications about how I number subs.  I never allow a sub to chose his number and he does not know his number until his first visit.  I am not using consecutive numbers and all the rest is right in front of you.  It has surprised me that some subs get very excited at the prospect of becoming a number.  I have even caught a few explicitly trying to look down to figure out what their number at the start of their first scene.

Often in life it is funny how little things work out – in 2009 I was sitting at a cafe having lunch with a kinky friend in San Francisco.  As we were eating I mused that I may stop numbering subs.   He suddenly had a look on his face as though I had just kicked his dog.  He pointed out that this had become a bit of a “trademark” of mine and he felt strongly that I should continue.  I really credit him with convincing me to continue numbering

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  1. I was recently numbered, not by Fossil9. It really is tough to describe the head space that created. I don’t know if I would say dehumanizing, but certainly robs one of individuality to an extent and is a heavy reminder of ones place on the food chain.

  2. I go further than just numbering the sub. the sub is blindfolded on arrival – ie before he even enters my place. He puts on the blindfold at the door and is led in. He never sees me – throughout the whole session he just experiences everything by touch / taste / feel / fear etc…. V V erotic for both me and him / them

  3. AMEN! Please keep numbering Your submissives, SIR. ANYTHING that reinforces a sub into his role and empowers a DOM is welcomed.

  4. I don’t play much, so I don’t have the long consistent use of numbering system, but I do feel the same about taking away a sub’s identity as an individual. What I have done is sometimes I assign “reference numbers” to subs that they are required to cite in their correspondences. The idea is to make them feel they and materials related to them are classified in a file system using that number.

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