Pup Play with 47

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I enjoy pup play with the right sub.  I will only do pup play with subs that I have the right connection with.  Generally they need to be younger and have a playful demeanor although there are a few additional things I look for in a pup.

47 was my first pup several years ago and he embodies everything I look for in a pup.  He is a quick learner and he blends the sub and pup role better than most pups that I know.  For example, many pups quickly learn how to use their paws in ways that a biological K9 would not.  47 will figure it out like a real pup.  He is always welcome at my feet or in one of my cages.

As soon as the pup hood goes on 47 he gets his snout in a crotch or two.  Here he is with his snout in my partner TOIL’s crotch:


Here he is begging with his little pup eyes:

IMG_3742 IMG_3769

Playing fetch and doing a trick:

IMG_3745 IMG_3750

Here I am with 47 in the yield position.  He did a good job playing fetch and wrestling with me so I rewarded him by gently touching and massaging him everywhere.  Another fun fact about 47 – even if I were hurting him in the bottom picture he would maintain his composure and the position while taking the pain.  With him I know that the reason he is willing to control himself and take any punishment I give him is because he wants to please me.  He does not try to please me simply because he is afraid of being punished.

IMG_3756 IMG_3806

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