Slaves 73 & 227 in a Predicament

Fossil9 —  July 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

73 (on the cage)  and 227 (in the cage) found themselves in a bit of a predicament during a visit.  227 was put into the cage at first with his ankles cuffed outside the cage.  I had him lean forward and I placed a bamboo cane into his mouth to give him something to focus on.  73 was ordered to get on top of the cage and I locked his collar to the ceiling.  In order to introduce a way for them to silently interact I locked the parachute on 73’s balls to the chain between 227’s wrists.  The chain could have been much tighter but it was still effective in putting them both into a bit of discomfort.  227 had the better of the two positions as he could have simply forced his wrists down and made himself a bit more comfortable but he did not know if there would have been consequences.


Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 077Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 076Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 083


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