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During IML my friend boundand (113) was in town and TOIL and I were lucky enough to play with him a couple times back at our playroom.  Once back at our playroom from the host hotel TOIL, boundand, and I each had a drink and chatted for awhile.  Then we brought 113 back to the playroom.

In advance of our first session I had 113 put on his Under Armour compression shorts.  Prior to his arrival I knew I wanted to have him in some good Under Armour, a chain locked around his neck to the ceiling, and his hands cuffed behind his back.  The addition of the double rigid on his ankles really left him vulnerable to anything TOIL and I wanted to do.  The double rigid would allow him some extremely limited movement but if he moved his neck would simply be pushing against the chain.  I think my enjoyment of this position comes from the fact that a sub has very minimal movement before he puts himself into at least a little discomfort.  As my friends and most regular readers of my blog understand, I like to give the sub some minor choices so they can always make things worse for themselves.

Slaves 113 - 05 Slaves 113 - 14 copy

Another position that we leveraged that evening was simply against the wall which also allowed for adequate access to 113’s body.  The position is simple and effective.

Slaves 113 - 29 Slaves 113 - 58

You can read a bit more about 113’s first experience with us over 2013 IML at his blog post here.  Also, at some point in the near future one of my additional posts will be a new position that I used for the first time with 113.  The position is reminiscent of the one described in this prior post.


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Check out my friend 113 – His Recon screen name is boundand and his blog at BOUNDAND… Growing in Kink.  If you are a regular reader of either of our blogs you will know he and I enjoy collaborating on various topics.  He has a great perspective on things, especially as a sub, so I encourage you to check out his blog if you have not already done so.  Also, he is really hot restrained:

11.2.12 - 113-5
11.2.12 - 113-2 11.2.12 - 113-7

113 (boundand / blog) was in town for MIR and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend some time with him.  During his visit I knew I wanted to have him in a predicament position so I could see him in a bit of discomfort.  The position is comprised mostly of elements I have already used in other positions that I have already shared on my blog.

It started out pretty comfortable for 113; a pad I had made for a different cage was on top of my pup cage.  113 was ordered up on top of the cage so I could get him secured how I wanted him.  Butterfly nipple clamps were secured on his nipples with a rope tied to the chain between the clamps.  He was then forced to hold the string in his mouth and the other end of the rope went through an anchor point where it was tied to a ball weight.  If 113 let go of the rope in his mouth the weight would fall to the floor and pull his nipple clamps off.  His balls were secured with a parachute to another anchor point in the ceiling. A position like this helps reinforce in a sub’s mind that he can safely go through much more discomfort than he actually thinks he can.  He just needs incentive to get through it and someone to hold him accountable.

The first picture shows me getting the parachute secured to him, just before I had him get his balls up in the air so I could ensure the chain was nice and tight.  In this picture one can see the full rope/weight setup on the lower right side.  It is partially obstructed in the second picture below.

11.2.12 - 113 - 35 - To Post

The picture below shows the finished product of this position.  You probably already noted that his wrists and ankles are not secured.  Normally I would use either hand/leg cuffs in a position like this or I would secure the sub’s wrists and ankles in another manner.  Theoretically he could have used his hands to pull the nipple clamps off or to remove the parachute.  However, I know 113 well enough to know that my presence in the building was enough to prevent him from doing so.  There was no doubt in my mind that he would go through the discomfort of the position and, if necessary, allow the position to fail by letting go of the rope in his mouth as opposed to using his hands to get himself out of the position.  He did not disappoint and that, gentlemen, is obedience.

11.2.12 - 113 - 42 - to Post