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Subs Kissing

Fossil9 —  March 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

I enjoy watching two subs make-out on command.  My enjoyment stems partly from the power of making them do it and partly because it is just hot in general

CdnBondCouple 5.23.2012 - 30
CdnBondCouple 5.23.2012 - 29 _DSC0059
The couple pictures below show me and my partner TOIL relaxing with some subs.  We took some time out of the sessions to relax with the subs in their place
CdnBondCouple a 5.23

I have been working on some posts with a few great guys so stay tuned…

IML started for us last Wednesday night with a couple friends that my partner and I have been chatting with for years, CdnBondCouple.  Their visit was a long time coming we were excited a month or so ago when we set up the session.

We started our time with a couple drinks and conversation.  After a brief period I decided it was time to take control so I ordered the couple to take off their clothing and I immediately moved 151 to the playroom.  151 did a better job of hiding his anxiety than 149 did.

Following the orders I gave ahead of time, 151 was in his Cararra chastity device upon arrival.  149 was in a Birdlocked chastity device upon arrival at the orders of a Dom he would be playing with later in the weekend.  151 did bring the key so I could take control of 149 for the evening.

I put 151 in the standing cage with a heavy collar on, his hands over his head in heavy wrist shackles, and his head locked in a metal muzzle attached to the top of the cage.

CdnBondCouple 5.23.2012 - 12

I then led 149 on his hands and knees into the playroom from the living room.  He licked my partner’s boots a bit but we quickly decided it was time to store him in the kneeling stocks.  After 151 had been caged a sufficiently long period I pulled him out, put him on his knees, and led him to 149 so they could make out for my enjoyment.  My partner played with their cocks while we both verbally humiliated the subs.

Soon enough it was time to put them both in the pup cage.  I have had two subs in this cage on several occasions and there is just enough room for two subs to fit, albeit uncomfortably.  The way two subs fit into the cage is great.  Generally they each sit with their back against one side and arched forward so they fit in.  I love looking down on two nude, caged, and collared subs.  Their pain and lack of physical freedom is a turn-on to a Dom like me.  While I am used to subs giving themselves over to me I do not think I will ever get tired of it.  There is something intensely satisfying knowing that a sub is willing to come over to my place to give themselves over to me in the ways they do.

CdnBondCouple 5.23.2012 - 41

Back to Wednesday evening – After their cage time I wanted to relax and have a beer while 149 worked on my feet.  TOIL and I pulled the subs out of the cage and had them crawl up to our front porch.  We secured 151 to the front railing and took turns having 149 work on our feet.

CdnBondCouple 5.23.2012 - 49 CdnBondCouple a 5.23

In the picture above you can see me resting with my right foot on 151.  The only thing better than a good sub at my feet is having two down there.  We were out there for about an hour before I brought 151 in and secured him standing against my pup cage.

The scene ended split between the playroom and the porch; on my terms.

It was a good evening with two fun guys that I was fortunate enough to hang out with a few times later IML weekend.  At the end of the night I was full of excitement as I knew this was a prelude to events that would take place over the following days.  I will share some of the highlights of the weekend over the coming weeks…keep checking back or follow my Twitter account for updates