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A leash is an example of a simple piece of gear that can be powerful in scene.  It needs to be used in tandem with another restraint, such as a collar.  The first two pictures below show situations where the leash was being used to communicate movement and the appropriate speed for the sub to move at.  In the first pic the sub was not moving fast enough so my partner had to pull up on the leash to give the sub some encouragement.  In the final pic the pup had limited movement due to where I secured his leash.  Enjoy!

FlyboyFL - 79 - 6.14.2011 - 53Slave 31 - 12.14.2010 - 062
The couple pictures below show me and my partner TOIL relaxing with some subs.  We took some time out of the sessions to relax with the subs in their place
CdnBondCouple a 5.23

I have been working on some posts with a few great guys so stay tuned…

Is it more humiliating to have a Dom piss in a sub’s water dish or for the sub to be forced to piss in his own dish?  I am not really sure.  Early on in the session I teased 157 and pissed a little directly into his mouth while he was caged.  Part of the reason I did it was to keep him on his toes but the main reason was that I just wanted to piss in his mouth.

A few hours later in the evening my partner TOIL and I brought 157 out front on our balcony to play.  I filled up 157’s dog bowl with my piss as soon as we were outside.  157 eagerly drank all of my piss and he could have easily taken more.  He drank enough of my piss that it was clear he was more turned on by it than humiliated.  This was fine.  There is still an element of control in what he was doing, even if he was getting direct enjoyment out of it.

I had him fill up his dog bowl with his piss when he had to pee.  I have always been very surprised at how much trouble many subs have peeing in front of others.  From what I understand, there are a number of people that have difficulty peeing.  157 did not have too much trouble getting himself started but it was still very enjoyable making him know he was pissing in his own water bowl.

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