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TOIL & 191

Fossil9 —  August 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

My partner TOIL is pictured below with 191.  As simple as this picture is, one can read into it

Boots and Shoes


In a couple previous posts I have touched on having a sub drink from a dog bowl.  My post Humiliation – Pissing in his Water Bowl I wrote about a slightly different take on this subject.  For some pups drinking from a dog bowl is not humiliating at all, it is simply what they do.  For most subs, and some pups, drinking from a dog bowl is humiliating since it breaks the ‘norm’.  Either way it really turns me on when a sub embraces his role.

Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 19 Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 20 Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 21


Normally when I have a sub drink from a bowl he will be collared.  The metal sound from the collar hitting the bowl is another dimension that adds to a scene.  The three pics to the left here show 191 drinking Jameson and cranberry juice.

To the right 31 is drinking my piss from a dog bowl.  He really gets into the humiliation aspects of piss, as described in my previous post.


Slave 31 032 Slave 31 031


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191 (Recon) and I have chatted for awhile but it was only recently that we started playing together.  My partner TOIL, 191, and I planned on being at a kink related event and we all agreed we would spend some time chatting that evening to finally meet.  Once we started chatting it became clear that we would all get along.  We ended up spending about four hours together at that bar and another that night.  We set up our first session for two days later.

That evening we had a couple drinks while chatting prior to playing.  We went back into the playroom and I locked a chain around 191’s neck from an anchor point my partner had just put in the ceiling.  It was finally time for his number, which was a long time coming.  My partner wrote it on his neck and 191 wanted to know what it was right away.  Throughout the evening 191’s eye kept wandering over to the mirror as he tried to figure out what his number was.  This aggravated my partner so he turned the mirror around until we told him what his number was.

There will be plenty more on 191 soon.  He is a great guy and a playful pup/sub…

Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 03 Pup Duke  - 191 - 6.25.2012 - 05