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Jock Strap & Singlet (43)

Fossil9 —  October 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

There is something I really appreciate about the combination of a singlet and a jock on an attractive sub.  I really like the jock below the singlet as well.  Those with a keen eye know which pics I am referring to…others will see those soon.  Here are the first few to enjoy:

Pup Condor - 095Pup Condor - 093Pup Condor - 088

Subs look great in cages but pups can be absolutely HOT in there.  Playful pups are fun and I enjoy having one caged.  There is something about a pup playing or moving within the cage that is just….hot.

Pup Condor - 128
IMG_3810 IMG_3811FlyboyFL - 79 - 6.14.2011 - 72