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This was a special time for me because it was the first time at Sir’s new playroom.

It started off normal in the sense that Sir had already had a clear idea of what he was going to do with me long before I showed up. Within minutes, we were in the playroom and he had thrown down a pair of Under Armour practice shorts on the floor and simply said, “put this on.”

Next thing I knew, I was in the stocks with a gas mask (with the eyes covered) on.

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 046

I spent a pretty substantial amount of time in the stocks before Sir positioned me in the front of the cage. I asked for him to place his 10lb collar on me. I was curious as to what it would feel like and know that he likes when his subs ask for more.

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 085 Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 083

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 074

Sir is a genuinely good guy and I genuinely like to please him. So asking for the collar seemed like a no brainer.

It wasn’t long before my big collar which was attached by a chain and padlock to the cage, began to feel uncomfortable. Though I couldn’t see I could feel Sir’s presence right in front of me. He was clearly enjoying my squirming.

About 20 minutes in, he put me in a new position; my legs were spread wide with my back against the cage.  By the picture, you can tell I was clearly enjoying myself (something Sir likes to point out and serves as a little bit of an embarrassment for me).

Finally the collar became too much and I asked for it to be removed. Sir quickly took it off. He didn’t have to because it was clear I was in no sort of imminent physical danger. But he did anyway.

I like to think he took it off when I asked because he didn’t ask for me to put it on in the first place.

I feel like this give and take represents our relationship well. We both know our roles and do what we can, when we can to make a scene more enjoyable for each other.

– 47

At this particular moment, I had just been carried up the stairs and forced into crawl the cage. After a bit of fondling by TOIL, the electro began.

It was moderately intense at best but still exceptionally hot. There I was. Locked in a cage, a foreign object attached to my dick, with no way out.


47 is now on Twitter

Fossil9 —  June 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Our boy, 47, has recently joined Twitter.  His Twitter handle is @Fossil_9_sl47 – he was not very creative when he created it.  Feel free to follow him if you want to see the ramblings of a sub/pup in his early twenties and enjoy the pictures below of 47 with the spyder gag in.

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 139 Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 149