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Slaves 73 and 211 - Cover 1 - 1b

Here I was busy with two subs I have played with multiple times over the past couple years.  211 was to my left and 73 was to my right.  Chains were locked fairly tightly around both of their necks ultimately attaching to a bar I had secured to the ceiling.  Their hands were also secured to the chain above them.

This position provided great access to their bodies and also allowed them enough chain that I could order them to kiss on command for my enjoyment.  In the picture you can see I had my hands on their cocks – I was having a particularly fun time rubbing the end of 73’s sensitive cock which made him groan and wiggle around.

Slaves 73 & 227

Fossil9 —  November 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

Both 73 and 227 are attractive college guys in their early 20’s and they are fun to have as subs.  When they first arrived they were quickly blindfolded and brought back to the playroom where their necks were secured to chains in the ceiling.  Once they were secured there TOIL and I investigated the subs and stripped them so they could be put to good use.  For this evening we chose our SWAT uniforms which intensifies the power dynamic that already exists between nude subs and clothed Doms.  The picture below is from later in the evening when I put 227 into some truly heavy metal before ordering him and 73 to start making out

Slaves 73 & 227 - 7.5.13 - 139



My time has been limited lately which is the reason for the lack of updates.  I assure you, there is plenty more to come!

Slaves 79 & 73 - 8.3.13 - 04