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Duration Games

Fossil9 —  August 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

Duration games have many similarities to stress positions and, to many people, they are the same thing.  The main difference to me between a stress positions and a duration game is that I consider a stress position to be focused upon physical stress for a period of time (usually less than an hour).  In duration games physical stress may be part of the “game” or challenge for the sub but there is also a psychological aspect to it.  Duration games may start off (and even remain) in a physically comfortable manner for the sub with the Dom’s focus upon getting inside the sub’s head.  The Dom has the ability to control absolutely everything in the sub’s environment leading up to and during the game which can help him more easily accomplish this.

Duration games can last an indefinite period of time but generally the ones I arrange will come to an end during a scene or shortly their after.  While consequences are not required they are always fun to have out there to help motivate the sub to complete the challenge.

Illustrative Example #1:

Restrain your sub on a flat surface, like a bed, so he is unable to sit up or otherwise move.  Restrict his vision and put headphones or earbuds on him making sure he will not be able to get the headphones off.  Play a continuous loop of brown noise, white noise, or any other similar noise.  I like to vary the length of the different noises just so the sub cannot use the changes in the type of sound to estimate the amount of time he has been in the position.  You can also hook the sub up to electro on your favorite setting…maybe something that repeatedly builds up to a crescendo.  Generally I like to leave the sub untouched while like this but every once in awhile you may want to give a nice tug to his nipple or swat to his stomach so you know he is not asleep.  Obviously you should always be close enough that you could hear the sub’s safeword if he needed to be released.

Illustrative Example #2:

Long-term enforced chastity can be a duration game too.  The sub “endures” being in chastity for the duration of time dictated by the Dom.  Usually there are consequences for taking the chastity device off or the sub otherwise figuring out a way to get himself off.

Logic Games

Fossil9 —  July 29, 2013 — 3 Comments

Games are an important part of certain types of scenes that I enjoy. There will be more posts about ideas for games in the future; if these posts interest you check back and look for the “Games” tag below.  For purposes of this post I will focus upon logic games.

Logic Games
For a logic game you generally need only a few things. Obviously the main thing you need is the actual problem that will be given to the sub. This is pretty simple, for those of you that have studied for the GMAT, LSAT, or any similar exam you could probably pull plenty of problems to administer to the sub. You could also find some riddles or other brain teasers online. My preference is to make my own problems but it is certainly not necessary – a few simple illustrative problems are included below. Once you have the problem you need to figure out the conditions you want your sub to complete it under. What are you going to do with the sub prior to the game? What headspace will they be in? What are they going to wear? Are they going to be restrained? What will the environment be like that they are in?

Timing is another aspect that a Dom will want to control. Set the time-limit for the sub aggressively but allow enough time for the problem to be solved. It is more fun when the sub actually thinks he may be able to solve the problem in time. In order to get the most out of a problem set consequences if the sub fails to complete the problem in the allowed time. The risk of undesirable consequences can cause some anxiety in the sub which is usually fun. The Dom can also amp up the pressure as the sub is working on the problem – get inside the sub’s head while he is working on the problem and it will immediately become much more complicated.

Illustrative problem #1:

You have three boxes.  One box contains only collars, one contains only locks, and one contains both collars and locks.  The boxes were incorrectly labeled by a lazy sub such that no label correctly identifies the contents of the box it labels.  You are allowed to open just one box, and without looking in it, you remove an item from the box.  By looking at the item how do you correctly label all three of the boxes accurately?

Illustrative problem #2:

There are 27 coins and a two-pan balance. All coins have the same weight except for one, which is heavier than all others. All coins look identical. What is the minimum number of weighings required to certainly find the heaviest coin?

Illustrative problem #3:

Three pups in a cafe order a meal the total cost of which is $15. They each contribute $5. The waiter takes the money to the chef who recognizes the three pups as friends and asks the waiter to return $5 to the men.
The waiter is not only poor at mathematics but dishonest and instead of going to the trouble of splitting the $5 between the three he simply gives them $1 each and pockets the remaining $2 for himself.
Now, each of the pups effectively paid $4, the total paid is therefore $12. Add the $2 in the waiters pocket and this comes to $14…..where has the other $1 gone from the original $15?

The Dictator Game

Fossil9 —  May 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

My post on Game Theory in a Scene triggered a number of interesting discussions so I am going to continue with occasional posts incorporating game theory in a BDSM or power exchange based situation.  I already discussed the Prisoner’s Dilemma in my prior post which is just one “game” in game theory but there are a number of interesting “games” that can be incorporated into a D/s dynamic.  This post will focus on the dictator game and my next post incorporating game theory will be on the ultimatum game.

Dictator Game
Some quick background – In the dictator game one player allocates all of a fixed reward/resource.  The second player has no choice but to receive whatever the first player has allocated to the second player.  If player one is focused upon maximizing his own benefit he will take all of the reward/resource and leave nothing for the other player.  The concept is pretty simple and generally used to test how altruistic people’s are actions are in a given situation.

Application in a D/s situation:
In a D/s situation the aforementioned game needs to be slightly tweaked to fit the dynamics of each individual’s role.  First, the Dom needs to have a good understanding of what the sub(s) really enjoy; what they are willing to do but need to be “pushed” to do; and what their limits are.  To be clear, I believe the Dom should already know these things prior to setting up any scene with a sub.

When a Dom has a single sub in a scene the Dom can still leverage these games to have some fun with the sub.  Instead of allowing the sub to chose rewards/resources from a list given by the Dom we can make the sub chose from a set of experiences that would push their limits or otherwise be unfavorable.  He will make those choices and, if acceptable to the Dom, they will be carried out.  This seems too simple so we need to make it more difficult for the sub.  What if the sub does not have a good feel for their Dom’s expectations?  Does the Dom really expect the sub to chose all the negative experiences?  If the sub selects none of the negative experiences will he be off the hook?  Will the sub get into the worst possible situation by incorrectly trying to call his Dom’s bluff?

When I communicate with the sub about the choices they need to make I tend to be vague about what I am expecting.  My interest is not in having the sub simply fulfill the expectations I set for him so the vagueness helps force the sub to make real decisions.  If the sub is given too much direction he will do what he is obviously supposed to do and then the two of us are simply acting out a scene instead of interacting.  The sub knows he needs to fulfill my expectations but he also needs to figure out what exactly those expectations are.

Normally after I give the sub this task I will be patient and give him some time to give me an answer.  In my experience the most frequent outcome is that the sub will take some time and finally arrive at the decision to take most, if not all, of the adverse experiences.  When I ask the sub about his decision making process usually he struggles for awhile and, in some manner, says that he based his decision upon what he thought my expectations of him were.  Sometimes the sub is right and sometimes he is wrong.

On other occasions I want to have a different kind of fun with the sub – I will get inside the sub’s head even more.  The lack of clarity in the directive to a nude sub already restrained in a vulnerable position can really make it difficult for the sub to think clearly.  While they are thinking, I like to amp up the pressure on a decision.

It is always fascinating to watch people under duress make decisions that may have repercussions.  Just as in other aspects of life; some subs see stress as a powerful motivator and others succumb to it.  While playing one of these “games” with a sub is certainly fun from a general power perspective these situations can be powerful tools to help understand a sub’s interests and their will.

If you decide to try something like this in a scene be sure to give it some thought beforehand and be sure it is appropriate for your situation.  As with anything on my blog, this concept will not be appropriate for every Dom or sub but I thought it would be worthwhile to share.  At minimum, I hope this post helped trigger some new thoughts about interactions during a power exchange focused scene.