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As I already mentioned in this previous post I like the combination of a jock on a sub under their singlet.  47 is pictured below and you can see the outline of the jockstrap just under his nice ass:

Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 108 Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 113 Slave 47 - 12.21.11 - 116

I know my posts have been concise lately, this is because I am focusing much of my time and cognitive ability on some other things.  In a couple weeks I will get back to including longer and more thoughtful posts on my blog.

Jock Strap & Singlet (43)

Fossil9 —  October 7, 2012 — 1 Comment

There is something I really appreciate about the combination of a singlet and a jock on an attractive sub.  I really like the jock below the singlet as well.  Those with a keen eye know which pics I am referring to…others will see those soon.  Here are the first few to enjoy:

Pup Condor - 095Pup Condor - 093Pup Condor - 088

These pics are from a session where I had 31 in my heavy shackles.  If you look carefully you will see my remote electro box on his right leg under the compression shorts.  The electro bands were attached to his cock and balls but I let him touch himself

_DSC0100 _DSC0102
_DSC0090 _DSC0114 _DSC0128