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Another Picture from 2005 (31)

Fossil9 —  February 19, 2013 — 1 Comment

Here 31 is locked in an old double rigid restraint inside our first cage.  He also has a blindfold locked under a leather muzzle.  It has been years since this cage has been set up in our playroom but we still have it.


I am not sure why the walls were bright orange in the playroom back then.  It seemed liked a good idea at the time…

The pictures below are of Kinkyboinick ( Recon / Blog) the first time my partner and I met him.  Kinkyboinick recounts this experience on his blog at this post and he does a great job describing the experience so I encourage you to read it. 

He looks great in these pictures and while he is only in a few simple restraints the chain from the muzzle to the ceiling really limited his movement.

For My Amusement

Fossil9 —  May 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is a clip of a stress position where 31 was hooded and muzzled inside the cage.  His balls were hooked up to electro and the top of the cage while his hands were cuffed under his body so he could not move much.