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Fossil9 —  June 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

Many years ago Trikoot’s Recon profile first caught my eye and he reaffirmed my interest guys from Scandinavia.  The initial interest was purely due to similar interests in bondage, gear, and the obvious benefit that he is very attractive.  As he and I shared a few conversations it was clear our interests overlapped beyond a superficial level.  Last fall my friend NateQX messaged me after a couple sessions with Trikoot.  He said he had a lot of fun with Trikoot and they shared some great conversations too.  It was great hearing confirmation from a friend that Trikoot was as good of a person (and sub) as I thought he was.  It was even better getting a message a short time later from Trikoot letting me know that he was going to be in Chicago in April!

In a post on his website Trikoot let the pictures speak for themselves.  I am going to do the same here as well.  Hopefully one day in the near future my partner and I will be able to play with Trikoot and NateQX in the same session.  I know that combination would be a lot of fun.

241 - Trikoot - 13

241 - Trikoot - 06

241 - Trikoot - 18

Leading up to my “abduction” 79 was pretty determined to tell me all about his scene. Well, I had heard about his first, and I was sold by then. I wanted to know only one thing, and that was I could trust Fossil9 and Toil. The rest, I wanted to be completely new to me. So I avoided the spoilers, and entered into the scene knowing very little what would go on, and how long it would last. I had cleared the entire day for this opportunity.

I have been getting more and more dominant, and at the time, I could self ascribe to being 70pct Dom. From the moment I was cuffed in the hallway, I was thrown into a submissive head-space. I felt the mixed feeling of wanting to impress the pair, and the conflict of wanting to test them by putting up a good fight.

But enough of those thoughts, the moment we walked outside, I realized that I was being guided willingly by two guys in uniform at each side. I had my hands behind my back, following instruction, and we walked all the way out to their SUV. As I got different looks from people in coffee shops and passers-by, I was scared out of my wits of being recognized by a co worker also in Chicago for some reason. So I kept my head down, and avoided anything that would attract attention.

We took the trip, and in a while we arrived at a non-descript house that blends in, when you consider what goes on inside. I only had the pair of shoes I wore in my possession. I was without my wallet, phone, and I didn’t pay enough attention to discern the address of where I was. The only option it seemed I had, was to make things easy, and comply.

When Fossil9 started teasing, “and I had expected some sort of struggle”. I flicked into my dom mode, and despite the rigid irons and the hood, I had to get out. I pawed at where I would expect the zipper behind my head to be. I flipped twisted and struggled, but I was in deep.

Overall, it was a very hot scene. I only wish it had lasted beyond my climax.


For my perspective on the scene click here.

139 In His Own Words – Our First Session

Growing with 139

Fossil9 —  June 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

On numerous occasions I have had other Doms that I do not know send me messages asking to participate in scenes with me.  I never have had any interest in doming with anyone besides my partner TOIL so when I received these messages I paid little attention to them.  Additionally, I believe that the majority of the people that send these messages to strangers lack the type of interest that I have in bondage, control, and kink.

On Saturday night of IML 139 (NateQx) wanted to be a tertiary Dom to 79 (FlyboyFL) with me and my partner.  From my conversations with 139, and him wrestling me after subbing for me earlier in the day on Saturday I could tell he shares my level of interest in bondage and control.  He has an understanding and passion for bondage and control that people many years older than him lack.  His knowledge and understanding have continued to impress me in our post-IML conversations.


Looking back, I am surprised that when 139 brought this idea up on Saturday night I had no hesitation with it.  Maybe it was because I knew I would be running the show and I would still be in control of him but I think it had more to do with the level of trust he built with me.   Another benefit is that while our styles of domming are distinct they are generally complementary.

I am happy things worked out the way they did with 139’s role on Saturday night.  I do not anticipate doming with anyone besides my partner or 139 anytime soon but anything can happen in the future.  I would like to thank 139 publicly for the personal growth he helped me through.

If you are a sub looking for more than just getting off while being restrained and will be traveling through Colorado I suggest you get in touch with NateQx to see if your interests are a good match.