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A place for my whiskey

Fossil9 —  August 24, 2016

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A Place to Rest My Boot

Fossil9 —  February 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

Everybody needs to relax every once in awhile – whether you are in boots or you are the object the boots are resting on.  This picture is on my Tumblr as well.

Slave 211 - 2.2.2013 - 13

I am in Vegas this week with friends but I do have a blog post scheduled to publish in the next few days.  Have some fun this week!


In order to provide some additional perspective from a sub on this blog 47 is going to contribute his thoughts and ideas on occasion.  I will be assigning these posts to 47 as part of our ongoing D/s relationship.  If you these are any topics (or scenes) you would like 47’s perspective on get in touch with me on Recon, e-mail me at or hit me up on Twitter to let me know.

47’s first post covers objectification, without further ado:

For me, it’s simple.  The feeling of being objectified makes me incredibly horny.

I have discussed this with Fossil9 at great length over the four-plus years that we have known each other, and like any good Dom that realizes a scene is for a sub to enjoy too, he has done a remarkable job of taking the aforementioned objectification fantasy into account.

There is one picture in particular that always gets me hard for the simple fact that I am completely objectified.

IMG_3836 - edited
In the picture below, it is the morning after I had a fantastic scene with Fossil9 and his partner TOIL. I was chained to their bed frame during the previous night and made to wear (for a masculine guy like me) a pair of underwear that “only gay dudes wear” to bed.

Early in the morning, before I caught my train, I was awoken by Fossil9’s hands feeling me all over under the covers.   There I was chained at the foot of his bed, completely objectified.  I was edged for about 20 minutes (I have to bark like a dog every time I get close) before he let me finally cum.
It was a simple scene that lasted no more than 20 minutes. But because of the meaning behind it, it is one of my favorite.

I will be contributing to Fossil9’s blog in the future. Let him know what you want me to write about.
-slave 47