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New Position with 113

Fossil9 —  July 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

In an effort to keep learning about bondage and interactions between a Dom and sub I am constantly considering new positions and situations.  A position that has been on my mind for awhile is one that I used with 113 (boundand / blog) during one of our sessions over IML this year.

I had him put his head outside the side of the cage.  His legs were extended out the opposite side of the cage over the horizontal bar.  Two bamboo canes were placed under his back, also over the horizontal bars of the cage.  These canes allowed a little support of his weight but they were not nearly strong enough to fully support his body weight.  You can see the bend of his weight on the cane in the bottom picture below.  Most of his weight was concentrated on the back of his legs, his neck, and his elbows.  This set up forced him to have his crotch protruding towards the top of the cage.  A parachute was attached from his balls to the top of the cage to encouraged him to keep his crotch in the air.

The points on his body where his weight was concentrated likely had 113’s immediate focus along with ensuring he did not break the bamboo canes.  Breaking the canes certainly would have put immediate and intense stress on his balls.  I figured he had a lot on his mind and since I had to pee he probably would prefer I stay there with him instead of going to the bathroom.  It was at that point I ordered 113 to open his mouth so, as he put it, I could give him his first “taste” of watersports.  He swallowed it all.

Slaves 113 - 39
Slaves 113 - 42 copy Slaves 113 - 38

Leaning Forward (211)

Fossil9 —  March 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

In the position pictured below, TOIL and I had some fun with 211.  211 was in his harness, knee pads, and jock – although his jock was positioned in a manner which allowed open access to his cock.  We laid our standing cage down on the floor and put pads we had made for it on the top.  211 was then ordered to kneel on the cage so he was about two feet off the ground.  We locked a spreader bar between his back and elbows and then secured his wrists in front of him so he could not easily maneuver out.  Finally, we locked the spreader bar to two chains in the ceiling so we could have 211 lean forward.

211 was blindfolded after he kneeled on the cage so he was not able to see exactly what was going on.  When we pushed him forward it had to create some anxiety in him since he did not know exactly how he was secured.  One should always be careful when utilizing a position like this not only because of the obvious concerns but also because the weight of the sub’s upper body is being supported at the point where his arms meet the metal spreader bar.  When a significant amount of weight is transferred over a small area there is a high likelihood of the sub’s circulation being disrupted.

Slave 211 - 11.17.12 - 024Slave 211 - 11.17.12 - 020 Slave 211 - 11.17.12 - 022

I have been surprised at how versatile my anal hook has been.  Anal play is not a big turn on for me although I am usually pretty open to it as several of the subs I play with really enjoy it.  The anal hook has allowed me to have fun with anal play while addressing a sub’s interest as well.  If you have been following my blog you are likely aware of my fetish for metal restraints.

The photos below show how I utilized the anal hook in a scene with 31.  He started in the pup cage kneeling  with his ankles restrained outside the back of the cage and his wrists restrained outside the front of the cage.  I used a lock to connect the anal hook to a large chain that was locked to the top of the pup cage.  Obviously this is not enough to keep a sub from moving although he does risk agitating the hook and causing himself discomfort.  In order to wrist his knees and ankles he got up on his hands and feet, to the extent he could, to stretch out.  Finally, he maneuvered himself onto his side which you see in the final picture.

Slave 31 - 12.3.11 - 28 Slave 31 - 12.3.11 - 30 Slave 31 - 12.3.11 - 34