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Last October while Kinkyboinick (53 / Blog) and Cuffsman10 (103 / Blog) were in town they paid my partner and I a visit.  My partner and I played with 53 before however we had only chatted with Cuffsman10 prior to that night.

When 53 and 103 first arrived we had some drinks and ordered dinner in.    After dinner we quickly moved to the playroom where TOIL and I secured 53 and 103 back to back to each other.  We played with them a bit in that position before we stripped them both down.  At that point we separated and caged them independent from each other.  Locked nude in the standing cage 53 was completely vulnerable to anything we wanted to do to him.  We locked the shackles on 103 and shoved 53’s underwear into 103’s mouth before forcing him into the pup cage.

53 & 103 caged
The final thing we did that I am going to discuss here is illustrated below.  We forced 103 into the standing cage while he was still in nothing more than the shackles.  We brought 53 up to the front of the standing cage and locked their collars together.  We then forced them to kiss on command for our enjoyment.  I really enjoy watching two subs kiss or perform similar actions on command.  They get to have fun and I enjoy my power over them

Check out 103’s perspective on this experience in the following post.

I really encourage you to check out both of their blogs.  They are great guys that openly share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on their blogs:
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Much to my delight 79 (FlyboyFL) was set for another visit along with 113 (boundand / blog) on Thursday evening.  One of my previous sessions with 79 was the longest sustained-intensity scenes I have ever had so I was really excited to see him again.  113 and I chatted many times but we had not met prior to this evening.  In the text below I am going to describe portions of the evening I had in order to offer some insight into my thoughts and how I controlled this session.  It is neither meant to be a play-by-play recount of the session nor is it meant to give up all of the ways I controlled the subs and the scene.

My partner and I checked into the hotel Thursday evening and once we were settled it was time to meet 79 and 113 in the lobby.  We chatted for 30 minutes or so before my partner split off for the evening.

We could have easily played in the hotel but I found it hard to resist the opportunity to bring two submissive, young, and attractive guys back to my playroom.  I was in my A-Tacs uniform and black vest as I led the subs a few blocks to my SUV.  Once they were in the back of my SUV I blindfolded and handcuffed them for the ride back to the playroom.


Upon arrival I split the subs in a similar manner to what I did the previous evening with CdnBondCouple.  I did this so I could ensure I had 113 in the headspace I wanted him to be in.  In my interactions with 113 prior to the scene it was clear that he looks up to and has deep respect for 79.  In my dialogue with 113 I played off his respect for 79 and also let him know how quickly and easily I put 79 in his place.  Once my point was made orally it was time to demonstrate it physically.  113 was nude as I made him crawl back to the playroom where a nude 79 was waiting.  I had 113 stop just after he entered the playroom so I could do a demonstration with 79.  I ordered 79 to drink from the dog bowl that was on the floor.  He struggled with this task as I had placed my heaviest metal collar with a lock on him earlier.  It is extremely difficult for a sub to drink from the dog bowl with this collar on as the bowl tends to keep getting pushed forward.  I wanted 113 to see how submissive 79 was so 113 knew my expectations of him.

At this point I was satisfied that I had 113 in the headspace I wanted him to be in.  It was now time to push 113 further physically into submission so I ordered him to use his head to hold the dog bowl in one place so 79 could drink.

Slaves 79 and 113 - 5.24.2012 - 02 copy

From here I put the subs in a couple simple positions where they were sitting on the ground with their feet in front of them in a position allowing me easy access to their cocks.

The only problem I have with using multiple subs at the same time is splitting my attention between them.  Up until this point in the evening neither sub truly had my undivided attention for more than a few minutes.  It was time for 113 to be caged to wait for me to use him as I wanted to do some breath play with 79 in the playroom.

Slaves 79 and 113 - 5.24.2012 - 15 copy

After a while I wanted private 1 on 1 time with each of the subs.  I pulled 113 out of the cage and pushed 79 in there.  I led 113 out to our balcony where he worked on my feet and legs.  After my time with 113 I had some time with both of them before I brought 79 out to the balcony for some 1 on 1 time.

The session ended with 79 and 113 back to back on the floor.  In addition to their collars and other restraints I chained their necks together so they did not have much leeway.  In the picture below you can see 79 taking advantage of 113 to make himself more comfortable.  I would have liked to see 113 be a little more aggressive with 79 but, for several reasons, I did not expect to actually see it play out.  On a side note, 113’s respect for 79 as a person is well founded but that was not going to stop me from “playing” with it.  I have deep respect for both 79 and 113 as subs and as people.

Slaves 79 and 113 - 5.24.2012 - 51 copy

As I drove back to the hotel Friday morning I was even more confident that we were going to have a great weekend…Check out 113’s blog post for his perspective on the evening.  You just might be able to read 79’s perspective here in the future as well

Note:  This post has been edited to reflect FLABound’s screen name change to boundand

The first time a dom and sub play together it is natural for both parties to feel some anxiety.  That being said, nothing really compares to the avalanche of feelings a sub has the first time he submits to someone he has not met in person before.  Normally it is a mix of anticipation, anxiety, nerves, and excitement.

I have become pretty good at getting a sub over the anxiety and into the headspace he came to enjoy.  The key to this is building trust with a sub and then respecting that trust.  Often times at the start of a session I will take time and slowly transition the sub from being clothed and unrestrained in public to being completely under my control.

The transfer of control starts when the sub meets at a predetermined location, in the case of the sub pictured below it was a public place.  Meeting at the location of my choosing made him slightly vulnerable but it was still a public place which would give him an “out” if he decided not to go forward with the scene.  The first significant transfer of control was when he got into my vehicle and surrendered his cellphone.  While he was more vulnerable in the vehicle he still had a fighting chance to escape if he needed it.  When we arrived back at our place he was led inside which brought him deeper into submission.  I subsequently led him into the playroom and stripped him.  At that point he was extremely vulnerable and the physical presence of my partner and I reaffirmed who was in control.  I decided to start by putting him in the cage.  Hearing the “click” of the lock the first time a sub is locked in a cage is always priceless.  I can only imagine how that sounds to the sub.  I wish the photo turned out better but, in spite of the blurriness, you can see the anxiety on his face.

tumblr 971

I want to point out that I always use a safeword with a new sub and the sub in this situation could have simply said it at any point during the session.  Had he said it the scene would have been adjusted or ended immediately.