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Pain is only a passing interest of mine and, in order for me to enjoy it, I need the right chemistry with the sub.  The tougher I consider a sub to be mentally and physically the more I will enjoy seeing them in pain.  31 is a a friend that I sincerely respect both in and out of scene so it may seem counter intuitive that I enjoy seeing him in pain.  He is a very tough and motivated individual though.

The clip of him below is one I have enjoyed many times.  I love seeing him flex and moan in a tough position while a bit of electro is applied to his balls.

Unique Positions (191)

Fossil9 —  August 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

I am always a fan of creativity in bondage positions.  A Dom does not need a lot of toys or unique equipment to be creative.  Below 191 is locked backwards in the kneeling stockade that we own.  I have been putting subs in the standing stockade backwards for a few years but it was only recently that I started using this position:

Slave 191 - 7.25.2012 - 10
Slave 191 - 7.25.2012 - 07 Slave 191 - 7.25.2012 - 08

A Simple Stress Position (67)

Fossil9 —  August 21, 2012 — 4 Comments

A rather straightforward stress position I use involves the pup cage and some heavy metal.  I put the sub on his knees inside the cage with the heavy metal collar (10 pounds) on.  I put the heavy metal wrist shackles (12 pounds) on him and lock on a chain that runs over a bar on the top of the cage.  The other end of that chain is connected to a parachute on his balls.  If he brings his arms down to rest them the chain immediately pulls on the sub’s balls.

67 (Vagabondage: Recon/ Blog ) is in the pictures below


_DSC0099 _DSC0105