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During IML my friend boundand (113) was in town and TOIL and I were lucky enough to play with him a couple times back at our playroom.  Once back at our playroom from the host hotel TOIL, boundand, and I each had a drink and chatted for awhile.  Then we brought 113 back to the playroom.

In advance of our first session I had 113 put on his Under Armour compression shorts.  Prior to his arrival I knew I wanted to have him in some good Under Armour, a chain locked around his neck to the ceiling, and his hands cuffed behind his back.  The addition of the double rigid on his ankles really left him vulnerable to anything TOIL and I wanted to do.  The double rigid would allow him some extremely limited movement but if he moved his neck would simply be pushing against the chain.  I think my enjoyment of this position comes from the fact that a sub has very minimal movement before he puts himself into at least a little discomfort.  As my friends and most regular readers of my blog understand, I like to give the sub some minor choices so they can always make things worse for themselves.

Slaves 113 - 05 Slaves 113 - 14 copy

Another position that we leveraged that evening was simply against the wall which also allowed for adequate access to 113’s body.  The position is simple and effective.

Slaves 113 - 29 Slaves 113 - 58

You can read a bit more about 113’s first experience with us over 2013 IML at his blog post here.  Also, at some point in the near future one of my additional posts will be a new position that I used for the first time with 113.  The position is reminiscent of the one described in this prior post.

2013 Woof Camp Recap

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One of my favorite events each year at IML is Woof Camp.  This was the first year that my partner and I volunteered to help with it and I am glad I did.  We spent most of the day Saturday with our friend 31 and he was also kind enough to help out with Woof Camp.  We kept 31 in our heavy metal collar (10 pounds) and heavy metal wrist shackles (12 pounds) the whole time we were there.  Our primary responsibilities during set-up was to tape up the various Woof Camp and water station signs.  We also had plenty of fun putting up the colored paws that were throughout the room.  Here is a picture from when we were setting up the event (notice TOIL with the K-9 Unit patch on the back of his vest).


During Woof Camp we helped entertain some strays and took care of a few random things that came up.  The most interesting thing I helped out with was unlocking a pup’s collar because his handler’s key broke.  Luckily I have a universal handcuff key that opened the lock but it would have been easy enough to pick the lock if the key did not work.

About halfway through Woof Camp it was time for the pups to play with pinatas.  The picture below is from when the pups were getting ready to attack the pinatas that a few other handlers and I held up for them.


Towards the end of the evening I took a panoramic picture of the room.  You can see plenty of worn out pups and handlers.


You can see more pics by going to this link or checking the Woof Camp website later this week.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to Brue and Square Peg Toys.  Brue worked tirelessly to ensure that the 2013 Woof Camp would overcome several obstacles to be the success it was.  Square Peg Toys is the sponsor of Woof Camp and funded the event so it was free to all those in attendance.

I am already looking forward to 2014 Woof Camp!

211 Edged & Electro (Video #1)

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Slave 211 - 4.6.2013 - 62

211 is very responsive during play and that is something TOIL and I really enjoy in a sub.  Check out the video and see for yourself.