Tastes Change – What I Wish I Knew When I First Started

Fossil9 —  January 4, 2013 — 1 Comment

In my post about numbering subs I refer to a trip I took to San Francisco and Mr. S Leather back in 2009.  While there I ordered our leather pup hood which, just a year or so before, I never thought I would want.

If we rewind three or four years prior to this trip pup play was around but it was not as prominent as it is today.  At first I was admittedly skeptical of the idea that a guy would want to act like a dog and I had little interest in being a Dom or handler in this situation.  I thought of pup play in a very literal sense which resulted in my general lack of interest in it. 

Luckily I had a sub that was rather submissive and pup like although he did not express an explicit interest in pup play.  I was his first Dom and as we explored general BDSM interests together we ended up incorporating aspects of pup play into our D/s relationship.  We had no explicit intention to get into pup play, rather we figured out what we were interested in with each other and the evolution into pup play was rather natural.  This evolution had an important and lasting impact on both of us. 

The reason I share this story is to help illustrate that if you are an active kinkster over time your tastes will change.  Your tastes almost certainly will expand to include some things you never thought would be of interest to you.  This lesson is something I really wish I would have known when I first started playing with others.  In all likelihood this knowledge would not have changed what I did but it would have given me a different perspective and I probably would have been better earlier on in vetting subs’ interests. 

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  1. Very true everything you write. In my case for example I started have some interest about rubber almost 6 years ago when somebody introduced me to it and right now I am a total rubber freak or so. The same with pup play. 3 years ago I was almost laughing hearing about pup play and now I consider it like the most appropriate way to explore me sub side (as Dom always prefer somebody as pup or boy than as slave). Not yet into this entirely pup space but I like general D/s play with many pup aspects in it :-D. So it is true that tastes change or better I would say that you more you try the more you learn and the more you wide your fetish interests 😉

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