World AIDS Day 2012 – Know your status

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December 1st is World AIDS Day and while there are number of events and activities one can do to participate I am going to use this as a reminder to everyone to get tested for HIV.  I took some time yesterday to get tested again since it had been a few months since I was last tested.  In my post Recommendations To a New sub Setting Up his First Session I hit upon this but in addition to knowing your own status you should also ask your play partners if they have any STD’s.  For those of you in the United States you can click here to find HIV and STD testing centers in your area.

Know your status, know your partners’ status, and share your status with your partner(s).  My results came back negative.

If you are in the Chicago area and not sure where to get tested check out Howard Brown Health Center Walk-in Clinic.  HIV and syphilis testing are both free at the walk-in clinic.  The clinic also provides a number of other services and treatments as well – check out their website for more information. 

Finally, consider donating money or time to an organization, such as the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago, that helps improve the lives of those with HIV/AIDS and works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in our community. 

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  1. As a rule, it isn’t possible to know that your partner hasn’t ever been exposed to HIV or STDs. In fact, most people who are sexually active have been exposed to some STD, even if asymptomatic (the prevalence of HSV-1 in the US is estimated at nearly 60%). At the worst, someone may lie to you. But even if someone has an HIV test today with a negative result, it doesn’t mean he is HIV-. For any individual, the responsibility relies with YOU. Yes, everyone needs to get tested. It’s important to know what you’ve been exposed to so that you can care for yourself appropriately. And yes, encouraging people to share status is important, especially in an ongoing relationship to help both people decide together what risks each is comfortable with. But, especially if you are meeting a new partner, you should not do any activity with that partner if you would not be comfortable doing it if that partner told you he’s HIV+. That means playing safe, regardless of status. Luckily in the BDSM world, there are so many options for safe play that are incredibly fun and satisfying. If you are shackling someone to the bed and torturing him till he’s exhausted, that’s safe. Even if you are edging a sub (or being edged), you are not having sex. Is HIV & STD status even relevant? Get tested, be safe. But don’t let “screening” on the basis of status become a substitute for safety. If a hot guy you want to tie up (or submit to) is HIV+, have your fun without exchanging fluids. And if a guy tells you he’s “DDF”, don’t do anything with him you wouldn’t do with the hot poz guy.

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