Your Walls Will Fall Down

Fossil9 —  December 29, 2013 — 2 Comments

Often music is background noise or used to cover other sounds.  Music can be a good way of masking the sounds of what a Dom is doing as he gets things prepped for the scene to evolve.  That way the sub does not know what to anticipate; of course this assumes the sub’s vision was impaired.

My favorite song this year to have queued for when a sub is getting pushed psychically or mentally in a scene is “Walls” featuring Quilla from Sultan and Ned Shepard

Puppy Gear

2 responses to Your Walls Will Fall Down

  1. I recently posted about music during sex/scenes:

    Interesting hearing one of your choices. I’m be curious to hear more. While the lyrics of this song are pretty appropriate, the beat is pretty dang upbeat.

  2. I like that the song is upbeat…instead of “I’m putting you through this” it is more like “we are going to go through this together – even if you don’t like it”. Both kinds of songs have their place in the playroom though!

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